Indianapolis man survives three strokes in one month

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indianapolis man who survived three strokes within one month said he is determined not to give up on his life and thanks doctors for using new technology to help save him.

In January at 43 years old, Gary Anderson suffered his first stroke and spent weeks in the hospital before he delivered bad news to his fiancé.

“It was really bad. He woke up and said he couldn’t see me, couldn’t breathe and was starting to lose consciousness,” said Stephanie Edwards. “It was very scary. I thought more than once I was going to lose him.”

Doctors diagnosed Anderson with his second stroke soon after his first, but just 10 days later he experienced another.

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As Anderson was still in the hospital from his last two strokes, doctors used a new technique that he credits for helping him get better.

“Catheter based techniques try to get the clot out as quickly as possible to try to save brain cells,” said Dr. JD Fleck, neurologist at IU Health.

 “I’m very thankful to be alive and here today,” said Anderson. “I got very lucky.”


Fleck said if Anderson did not recognize his symptoms as quickly as he did, he would have been disabled.

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