Laser Brings Relief To Achy Backs

Amy Jones is an active mother of five who enjoys skiing, but back pain began keeping her off the slopes.

"I had pain that went down my leg and into my foot," Jones said.

Surgery was not an option, and narcotics left her loopy.

"I had injections. I've done physical therapy. I think I've done everything," Jones told 6News Staying Healthy reporter Stacia Matthews.

Jones said she finally found relief when she was treated with Echronia, a cool or low-level laser that doctors say is an effective alternative to prescription drugs for back-pain treatment.

The laser stimulates damaged cells through the skin. Dr. Steve Mangas is an Indianapolis chiropractor who offers the tool to patients.

"After tissue damage has occurred, the laser will accelerate the repair process by decreasing the amount of enzymes that cause swelling," Mangas said. "It improves the rate that the tissue heals."

He said this improves circulation to decrease pain and inflammation by 70 percent. Treatments take a few minutes and inflict no pain.

"You'll feel a gradual lessening of pressure and discomfort," Mangus said.

Within months of her Echronia treatment, Jones was able to enjoy her 20th anniversary in Hawaii without medication.

"I felt good enough I could snorkel. I could go on boats and I could climb mountains with him in Hawaii," she said.

Echronia is the first laser approved by the Food and Drug Administration for chronic pain.