Spa Treatment Offered For Breast Tissue Donation

Women who donate healthy breast tissue are getting a free day of spa luxury in a unique approach to fight breast cancer.

Ann Allen donated healthy tissue for a new study at the Indiana University School of Medicine, where researchers are collecting healthy tissues to compare with diseased cells, 6News' Stacia Matthews reported.

Allen made the donation because of three members of her church who battled breast cancer. She turned down an incentive for giving, a free day at the spa, but that reward has attracted so many donors that there is now a waiting list.

"We felt that donating tissue with a needle biopsy deserved a reward," said Andrea Bradley-Stutz of Ology. "It sounds very scary. It's probably something you wouldn't do every day."

Allen said she would give every day if it leads to earlier detection and gives women a better chance for survival.

"My three dear friends are survivors, and that's a blessing," Allen said. "You can always hope for a miracle, but if you don't get one, every step gets us one step closer to understanding this terrible thing called breast cancer."

The program will be offered again in January. People interested in donating can call 317-217-2200.

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