Ultrasound zaps away fat cells without surgery

Procedure also being tested for cellulite

FISHERS, Ind. - Ask just about anybody and they'll tell you they've got a trouble spot, maybe two, maybe more, but a revolutionary device is zapping away fat without sweat or surgery.

Erica Barrett-Buba has been trying to get rid of her "little pouch," a lasting gift from her pregnancy with her fourth child.

"I exercise and eat healthy, but just can't get rid of that extra inch, inch and a half from my waistline," Barrett-Buba said.

She hopes a trip to The Medical Spa in Fishers will change that.

Technicians at the spa are zapping away stubborn fat cells with Liposonix, a highly focused ultrasound that basically breaks up the fat right under the skin.

"There are large studies showing significant results, but more important, we're seeing great results on patients," said Dr. Marcus Jimenez, with The Medical Spa.

But Jimenez said patients shouldn't expect immediate results. It will take three to four months for the body to eliminate fat naturally.

"You can lose 15 to 40 percent of the fat cells in the targeted area after one session," Jimenez said.

Liposonix is not weight loss, but more akin to reshaping. The procedure is typically done on the tummy and love handles, but it can also be used on the inner and outer thigh as well as the buttocks.

"If somebody wants results and they're not up for surgery just right yet, this is the perfect solution," Jimenez said.

Liposonix costs anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the size of the treated area.

It works with one treatment, but patients can go back as many times as they want until they reach the desired result.

The developers said they're testing the ultrasonic treatment to see if it works on cellulite like it does on fat, and developers said the early tests on thighs look promising.

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