1984: Male Maids Inc. cleans up the competition

Posted: 6:00 AM, Feb 28, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-28 06:00:40-05

INDIANAPOLIS — When life hands you lemons, you could make lemonade, or you could do what Chuck Hausafus did and pick up the lemon-scented cleaner.

Hausafus founded Central Indiana’s first all-male cleaning company in 1984, Male Maids Inc.

“I was working in retail, and I was laid off. I started cleaning friends’ apartments for extra income, and my clientele got large, and we decided to turn it into a business,” said Hausafus.

The venture was well received. Hausafus and his employees gained national notoriety.

RTV6 reporter, Derrik Thomas, asked Hausafus what set his business apart.

“Strength. Hard work. We get in there with extra muscle and clean the tubs, move furniture around, and we’re just good guys.”

Occasionally, the good guys of Male Maids Inc. faced some less than squeaky clean inquires with women seeking something more than scouring and elbow grease.

Rates ranged from $18 for a one bedroom apartment to $43 for a five-bedroom house.

The venture lasted about a year.

Hausafus still works Indianapolis. However, he now specializes in framing and design at The Frame Shop on Massachusetts Ave.