Butler student's Little Wish Foundation brings wishes to children fighting cancer

Liz Niemiec honored with Jefferson Award

INDIANAPOLIS - Butler University student Liz Niemiec has made it her mission to grant "little wishes" to young people battling cancer.

Niemiec, 20, started the Little Wish Foundation when she was 17, touched by a teacher's child fighting cancer.

"Before he passed away, his little wish was to get a dog, and I saw what huge impact that small thing made in his life," she said. "So, I wanted to do the same for other kids fighting cancer."

Liz receives a form from each child that gets their name and wish, usually something between $300 and $800 in value. The Little Wish Foundation buys the wish, then wraps and delivers it.

RTV6 came along for a recent hospital visit in which Niemiec delivered a Jambox to an appreciative boy named Kyle.

"You didn't have to do that. Thank you," he said.

Liz also delivered a wish for baby Parker, who wasn't feeling well, but a hug from Parker's dad expressed sincere gratitude.

"It's something small, but for (parents), they know what their kids are going through and how this little thing can mean so much," she said.

Liz's sorority sisters help with delivering wishes to patients at central Indiana children's hospitals, and she gets a priceless gift in return.

"I wish I could bring everyone along with me to see what it's like and just feel what it's like," she said. "It's great, heartwarming. It's great, magical."

Liz is a finalist in a nationwide Jefferson Awards contest called Lead360 in which young people share their stories about how they give back.

Vote for Liz and the Little Wish Foundation here.

Click here to nominate a volunteer for a Jefferson Award -- http://bit.ly/1bB8Cmg

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