School Volunteer Stands Up To Bullies

Tammy Moon Raises Anti-Bullying Awareness

One generous Hoosier donates her time and energy to better the lives of young girls at Northwest Community High School.

Many of the girls say they are troubled by bullies, and Tammy Moon said she’s familiar with the scenario because he own children were bullied more than a decade ago.

"I don't understand how people can bully people and make them feel that way,” Moon said.

Every day, Moon said she works to raise anti-bullying awareness through her group “Bully Prevention Alliance.”

She and other volunteers said they hope to create safer learning environments for students and to promote anti-bullying policies through legislation and education.

"I decided to start doing research because the things I saw my kids starting to go through,” Moon said.

Through her research, Moon said she believes that the number of students bullied corresponds with the number of students suspended from school. Within the Indianapolis Public Schools system, she estimated that 8,000 students are the targets of bullies.

Student Shiron Alexander said she’s reaped the benefits of Moon’s efforts.

“She helped me by telling me her stories and some of them are similar to mine,” Alexander said.

Vice Principal Cynthia Perkins said Moon is consistent with her efforts to help students.

"One of the best things about her is that she doesn't come in and do a bullying prevention program and then we never see her again. She comes every week,” Perkins said.

Moon said by the end of the year, she hopes to work with students who are being bullied statewide.

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