Woman helps formerly-homeless families make themselves at home

Sally Schrock founded Second Starts


Sally Schrock, September's recipient of the Jefferson Award, collects and delivers housewares to help give Hoosiers a second start.

"I've always wanted to help people... always," Schrock said.

She founded Second Starts, an organization providing housewares to families who've been homeless for a variety of reasons and are ready for a second start at independent living.

"I knew I would always get donations," Schrock said. "I know there's so many people who have extra things that I would always get those in, and I would always find a family to get them to."

Schrock uses space at a church to store all the items -- like bed sheets, dish cloths and hangers. She works through agency referrals, gets a person's list of requests, boxes it and delivers.

Schrock and her volunteers average about 20 deliveries a week and total about 1,200 Hoosiers a year.

"Ten years ago, I was working at a job that I wasn't finding fulfilling," she said.

So she quit her job back then, and started this one where she doesn't even earn a paycheck. She's on a mission of giving.

"Just things that we take for granted… these people are thrilled when I walk through the door with anything," she said.

"When you walk into someone's home and they can't say thank you because they're crying, they're overjoyed, they're thrilled with the new mop and broom, they're thrilled with the folding chair you can take them… I knew from the beginning it was the right thing to do."

William, the recipient of one of Schrock's recent deliveries, said she brought him everything that was on his list.

"Comforter, lamp, broom, shower curtain, pots, pans... they gave me the works," he said.


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