Life In The Slow Lane: Man Months Into Wagon Adventure

Bob Skelding Goes Old School, With Technology, In Long Trip

As his four percheron horses clip-clop along, a man on a mission to see the country at his own pace is turning heads this week in Indiana.

Bob Skelding is not sure where he's heading, but he is sure that he's found the right way to get there.

"Well, I left New Hampshire about four months ago," Skelding said. "I'm just traveling around the United States and seeing people."

People are understandably curious about Skelding's travels. He just entered Indiana from Ohio, traveling about 15 to 20 miles a day.

Skelding's horses and 16-foot wagon are hard to miss on rural roads. While he's traveling old school, Skelding is equipped with some high-tech equipment to aid in the trip.

"I have a GPS for navigation. I have a stereo," he said. "I have a wireless Internet card and I daily post pictures."

Skelding is not raising money or supporting a cause. He's doing it because he can. With his children off to college and his marriage over, there was nothing to hold him back.

"I got to the point where I could take the things I really don't like, like taxes and bills and a regular job, and shelved them," Skelding said. "(I) took the stuff I like in life, which is travel and meeting people and horses, and I rolled that all into a big pile and made the wagon."

Admirers are following Skelding's journey online, with some envy.

"I think it's awesome. I think it's wonderful. It's something I always wanted to do," said Billie Bertch, of Connersville.

"He does what a lot of people would like to do, and we all can get a little bit of fun out of it just by following him a little vicariously," said Marti Caldwell, of Milton.

Along the way, many strangers have offered help to keep the slow and steady adventure moving forward.

"It's a great country. It's a beautiful country. It's full of very nice people," Skelding said. "I see more of it at 3 mph than you would at 75, shooting down the freeway, and it's something to experience."

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