Posted: 12:04 PM, Feb 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-12 11:44:13-05

This is a story about the one-year anniversary of the deaths of two Carroll County teens.

DELPHI, Ind. -- “It’s not going to be a cold case, it’s not.”

“I’ve said all along, as long as I’m in this role and breathing, we’re not leaving the City of Delphi in Carroll County, Indiana, we’re just not,” said Carter. “And if we get to the point where we have exhausted the leads that we currently have in the queue then we’re going to start all over again.”

Carter says television has given us an unrealistic expectation about how cases like this work and that just because a detective on TV can solve a crime in the 45 minutes you’re watching, doesn’t make it real life.

In real life, Carter says things aren’t always as they appear, detectives don’t reveal their entire hand when they’re investigating a case, and a case isn’t cold just because there hasn’t been an arrest.

“I’m not going to ask you or your viewers to understand that. I don’t want them to understand evil or to live with that each and every day,” said Carter. “But I think people come to that conclusion based on time, not necessarily based on what we know and what we’ve even shared with everybody.”

One year ago on February 13, 2017, Libby, 14, and her friend Abby, 13, were dropped off to go hiking along the Monon High Bridge trail. It was a beautiful day and the girls were taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and the rare day off from school to do some of the things they loved most: take photos and spend time together. 

No one who knew the girls could have guessed that day would end in tragedy.