Angie's List: How to prevent emergency repairs

INDIANAPOLIS - Emergency appliance repairs are pricey and industry experts have a few tips on how you can avoid them.

Rick Cantleberry with Turner Appliance said that overloading your washing machine is the most common mistake homeowners make.

"The rule of thumb is come up to the top hole of your inner tub. Your inner tub, your outer tub on the outside of that is what holds the water, so you bring your clothes up to only about two-thirds of the way up on your agitator," Cantleberry said.

An off-balance load can also cause damage.

"You want to wash jeans with towels, and T-shirts with underwear and socks, things like that," he said.

No matter if you have a front loader or top loader, you can reduce potential mildew build-up with regular cleanings. And, when it's time to dry your clothes, clear the lint screen after every load.

Also, if you use dryer sheets, you must rinse the screen.

Angie's List founder Angie Hicks said a couple of quick steps today could save money in your wallet tomorrow.

"When it comes to replacing your washing machine, typically a top-loading washing machine starts at about $350 while a front loader starts at about $700," Hicks said.

Also, the rubber hoses connecting your washing machine can rot and burst over time. Experts advise homeowners to replace them with stainless-steel braided hoses.

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