Angie's List: The buzz on bees in your home

INDIANAPOLIS - One bee is fine, but 50,000 bees are definitely something to be worried about.

What do you do when a bee colony nests in or near your home?

Beekeeper Ross Harding removes honeybees from homes for a living.

"People always ask me if I get stung a lot. I have this really smart answer. I say not as many as I've been asked," Harding said.

There's been a sudden die-off in honeybee colonies and now many homeowners are requesting live removal.

"Live removal is really a great thing because basically you're just relocating the hive. You're not killing any bees," Harding said.

Before you decide which removal route to take, Angie's List founder Angie Hicks suggests asking lots of questions.

"Getting rid of bees is not a do-it-yourself project. In fact, last summer when I had bees attacking my kid's swing set, I called in a professional and the reason is you might not realize how big of a problem it is until you're actually in the midst of fixing it," Hicks said.

Some important things to ask from a removal company are how they will remove the honeycomb and what services are covered.

If the expert has to cut into your ceilings or walls to remove the bees, who is going to patch the holes?

"If you were to spray an entire can of bee killer in that hole, you are going to kill a bunch of bees and you might not (see them) for a couple of days, but the colony goes way far back into the house. You're not killing all the larvae either so you'll kill a bunch of bees but down here is a bunch of living bees," Ross said.

The average cost for live bee removal ranges from $200 to $800.

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