$60K Donation To Fund Animal Shelter Help

Shelter Euthanizes Nearly 9,000 Animals Per Year

An Indianapolis woman's generous donation will bring in extra help at the city's animal shelter.

TeNaj McFadden, a longtime animal advocate, gave $60,000 to Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, which takes in 18,000 animals a year.

The money is expected to temporarily fund three positions – a temperament tester, a veterinary technician and an adoption counselor.

Per the grant, the vet tech will work 40 hours a week, with the customer service position a 32-hour weekly job and the temperament tester a 16-hours weekly position.

Animal Care and Control euthanizes nearly 9,000 animals year, mostly due to lack of resources and space.

The city doesn't include funds in the $3.8 million budget for food, and instead relies almost entirely on donations from individuals and corporations.

"Most people probably don't know the city does not budget or spend a dime on food for the animals," McFadden said. "They have a hard time just keeping the kennels clean."

McFadden, who owns seven cats and a dog of her own, told Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney it took 10 months to get through the city's red tape and that the donation barely made it by year's end.

"I really hope the positions get filled quickly," she said. "It's been a long, arduous process."

McFadden downplayed her donation but said she hopes it will draw attention and donations for Animal Care and Control.

"Well, it's a drop in the bucket for what they need," she said. "Most people in the city think the Humane Society (of Indianapolis) is Animal Care and Control. They've never seen Animal Care and Control. They don't know what goes on there."

Animal Care and Control officials were unavailable for comment Monday, and the shelter was closed for the New Year's holiday.

An organization called the Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control takes donations on behalf of the shelter. Information can be found on the group's website.

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