'Occupy' Movement Poised To Hit Indy

Protesters Battle Corporate Greed, Economic Inequality

"Occupy Indianapolis," part of a movement that is sweeping the country, is poised to hit the city this weekend.

The series of protests began several weeks ago on Wall Street in New York City with a handful of people protesting what they consider corporate greed, lobbyist influence and economic inequality.

Since then, thousands have joined the movement, and Indianapolis organizers said their concerns go well beyond Wall Street, 6News' Eboné Monet reported.

"Anytime we see a human being being treated as less than a human being, we're going to stand up," said Kai Bennett.

The group expects hundreds of people to attend a gathering at Veterans Memorial Plaza beginning at noon on Saturday.

"The city has major infrastructure problems. You can continue to build up the Colts and all that, but that's not going to help the citizens," said Janet Golden-Hogan, one of the organizers.

The protest, which is being organized through social media, was inspired by similar uprisings across the country, some of which became violent.

"It does concern me, and at the same time it does inspire me, because I see individuals risking their lives for what they believe in," Bennett said.

Organizers of Occupy Indianapolis said they want to give a voice to the average Joe, those they believe government officials have forgotten.

"We have a lot of disabled folks. We have a lot of unemployed folks. We have a lot of single mothers," Golden-Hogan said. "We have people who cannot pay their utility bills and put food on the table."

Occupy Indianapolis said it is encouraging all protesters to comply with police and the law in an effort to avoid disruptions officials said other similar protests have caused.

The group said it will not intentionally halt traffic or block entrances.

"We will not make the lives of the people in Indianapolis any harder than it already is due to the economic and social situations that we're fighting," Bennett said.

Indianapolis police are aware of the protest and said they have a plan in place to ensure safety.

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