'Sovereign Citizen' Suing State Arrested Over Traffic Stop

Mark Osborn Arrested Thursday Night

A so-called sovereign citizen who is suing the state, demanding $1.6 million in gold or silver coins, has been arrested.

Mark Osborn, 45, was pulled over Thursday afternoon in Indianapolis after a police officer noticed "a black, custom-made plate bearing Indiana Free State Republic," in place of a license plate on his SUV, according to the police report.

When the officer asked Osborn for his driver's license, he handed him a laminated card with an insignia of the Indiana Free State Republic, police said.

"I asked Mr. Osborn if he had a valid Indiana driver's license, and he stated that he did not need one," the officer said in the police report.

Followers of the sovereign citizen movement consider themselves exempt from obeying state and federal laws, from property taxes to getting driver's licenses and registering their vehicles.

Osborn is suing the state after his motorcycle was impounded last year during a traffic stop, which he claims is illegal because he does not believe he has to follow traffic laws.

Osborn's stepson, Charles Jones, who shot video of the arrest on his cellphone, said the incident was overblown.

"It's ridiculous to have six to seven police vehicles arrest one man for something on such a small scale," he said. "I don't think it's fair. He's a hard worker. He served his country. He served in the Air Force for four years."

Police said Osborn's driver license had been suspended and that he was unable to produce a vehicle registration, title or proof of insurance.

Osborn was arrested on several charges, including misuse of a license, driving while license suspended, operating a vehicle without a valid license, operating a vehicle with no proof of financial responsibility, failure to title a vehicle, failure to register a vehicle and failure to have a license plate.

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