'Twins X 2' Back Home In Seattle; Mom Overjoyed

Bakers: We're Finally A Family

Two sets of twins were united with their mother on Friday in an emotional moment for “Twins X 2” parents Misty and Brian Baker.

The emotional moment was 10 years in the making. The Bakers battled infertility for a decade. Then, Misty's best friend, Amber Pluckebaum of Kokomo, Ind., offered to be a gestational surrogate. In the last round of in vitro fertilization, Misty and Amber both became pregnant with twins.

On Thursday, Brian Baker flew his daughters, Madison Grace and Victoria Faith, to Seattle to meet their mother, Misty, and their barely older twin siblings, Connor William and Hope Elizabeth.

The family of six united for the first time at the Seattle–Tacoma International Airport.

"Hi, sweet girls! Hi babies, it's mommy!" Misty exclaimed when seeing her daughters Madison and Victoria as Brian carried them off the plane. "You ready to meet your brother and sister?"

Now home in Kirkland, Wash., the Baker family, Connor, the oldest twin, and his twin sister, Hope, were united with sisters Madison and Victoria.

The two sets of twins, born 2,000 miles and 35 hours apart, RTV6’s Ericka Flye reported.

"I’m just so happy that we finally get to say we're parents. You know, mommy and daddy,” Brian Baker said.

Brian and Misty said they know there are long days and even longer nights ahead, but they have help and a strategy.

"My heart is beyond happy and I’m thankful," Misty Baker said.

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