'Twins X 2' Prepare To Unite With Siblings

Twin Daughters Fly To Seattle To Meet Twin Siblings

Brian Baker, father of the "Twins X 2," took his daughters, Madison Grace and Victoria Faith, to Seattle to meet their mother, Misty, and their barely older twin siblings, Connor William and Hope Elizabeth on Thursday.

Getting to this moment has been a 10-year journey. The Bakers battled infertility for a decade, then Misty's best friend, Amber Pluckebaum of Kokomo, Ind., offered to be a gestational surrogate. In the last round of in vitro fertilization, Misty and Amber both became pregnant with twins.

The Bakers couldn't make it to Kokomo for the delivery of their daughters, because Misty had given birth to their Seattle-born twins just 35 hours earlier.

Now, all four babies are just a plane ride away from uniting.

Grandmother Julie Baker said she’s up for the challenge of helping to care for the little ones.

“We figured if we have six adults and four babies, we outnumber them. We should be able to keep up. Should is the key word," Julie Baker said.

“We're going to go home and get all the babies together and see what they think of each other,” Brian Baker said. “We've only had the pictures of them side by side, or seen them on the video chat. I’m kind of anxious to actually lay them out next to each other and see kind of how similar they are."

Doctors said the newborn twins are healthy enough to fly home, and Southwest Airlines is helping get them there, with a special gift.

"(Southwest) was able to provide tickets for me and the girls and mom to get back. That's a huge help for us,” Brian Baker said. “I’m very, very ready to get back home.”

The babies’ mother, Misty, will be waiting at the airport in Seattle to hold her babies for the first time.

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