1st Set Of 'Twins X 2' Arrive

Misty Baker Gives Birth

A first round of congratulations is in order for some very special parents RTV6 first introduced last month.

Misty and Brian Baker had their first set of twins Thursday in Seattle -- Connor William and Hope Elizabeth -- but they are still waiting for their second set to be born in Indiana to their surrogate.

RTV6's Ericka Flye did two stories in May regarding the Bakers, who had tried for a decade to have children. Misty's best friend, Amber Pluckebaum, offered to be a surrogate, and both women then became pregnant with twins.

The couple posted several additional pictures on their blog.

Connor weighed in at 5 pounds 13 ounces, and Hope checked in at 1 ounce more.

The babies and mom are doing well and are expected to go home on Saturday.

The heartwarming story of faith, friendship and four babies captured attention all over the world.

Network producers have been in contact with the families, potentially taking the story to an even wider audience.

For now, the Bakers and the Pluckebaums are intensely focused on the pending arrival of two more babies any day now.

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