45 Tort Claims Filed In Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse

Legal Activity Ramps Up In Aftermath Of Deaths

A total of 45 tort claims have been filed in the aftermath of the Indiana State Fair stage collapse, doubling the total from just a few weeks ago.

Indiana faces a multitude of liability claims in the wake of the Aug. 13 collapse of the main stage during a severe thunderstorm at the Indiana State Fair that resulted in seven deaths and injuries to dozens more.

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The maximum liability cap from any single event in Indiana is $5 million, though some have argued that limit should be lifted.

So far, 11 people have filed for money from the stage collapse relief fund, a separate pool from which the families of people who died and those who were hurt can get money to help defray medical costs.

Officials think the low number isn't surprising, because the filing process requires medical documentation that can take some time to gather. The state will update the number every Monday.

The state's liability law dictates that $700,000 is the maximum amount any one individual can receive if the state is found liable in the collapse.

An attorney who represents some of the victims filed a lawsuit against the state earlier this week, claiming the $5 million cap is in violation of the U.S. and state constitutions.

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