8 Arrested In Bath Salts Raids

Delaware County Authorities Crack Down On Sales

Eight people were arrested Monday in a raid that targeted sales of bath salts in Delaware County.

Law enforcement officials raided 10 locations, including six businesses, most of them gas stations.

Officials had become concerned after recent incidents that they said involved bath salts and/or spice.

Those arrested face various charges, including racketeering, money laundering, dealing in controlled substances, maintaining a common nuisance and sale of paraphernalia.

Police were looking for products such as "Good Luck Powder," "Mr. Clean" and "The Bullet," items being sold from behind the counter of the stores, RTV6's Jack Rinehart reported.

Customer Chaney Youngblood said she had seen the products at the Marathon gas station on East Main Street.

"They pretty much have them sitting on the counter. They have Lazy Cakes, bath salts and spice," she said.

Officials said children were buying the products.

The sale and processing of narcotic bath salts were made illegal in Indiana in 2011. Officials said bath salts can provide the same high as methamphetamine and Ecstasy.

Delaware County Coroner Scott Hahn said the synthetic drugs have dangerous side effects.

"In the past year, we have had a couple of cases where the drugs have been contributing factors in at least two deaths," Hahn said.

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