824-Mile Yard Sale Crosses Indiana

National Road Yard Sale Is Nation's Longest

Bargain hunters and yard sale enthusiasts are thrilled about Wednesday, the first day of the National Road Yard Sale, which runs along U.S. 40 across the eastern U.S.

A significant stretch of the 824-mile yard sale, the nation's longest contiguous sale, is in Indiana.

Individuals and business take part. Several businesses in Greenfield are among those involved.

Business owners were out early Wednesday morning to set up for the sale, offering antiques, collectibles, candy and more.

This is the fourth year that Indiana has participated in the event and the second year that it's gone national.

Those involved said it's a great way to meet people and attract new visitors.

"Everybody gets to come out and meet each other, and we get to meet people from all over the United States, really," said Mary Ann DeRome, whose business is taking part. "We have a good time."

"You can find a lot of country d├ęcor," said Pam Donaldson, who owns another business. "You can find unique, one-of-a-kind gift items, antiques that you haven't seen for years."

The National Road Yard Sale runs Wednesday through Sunday from dawn to dusk.

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