Acid-burned kitten popular at local shelter

Cat named Phoenix found injured in Los Angeles


A badly burned and abandoned kitten has been named Phoenix by rescue workers at a San Diego County shelter.
The 3-month-old tabby has bandages on his swollen, cracked and bleeding front feet. His tail was amputated and his nose and ears are singed but he always purrs and nuzzles when held by workers at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe. 
He was transferred to the shelter after being abandoned in Los Angeles on Monday.
Center veterinarian Stephanie Oba said she doesn't know if the cat was intentionally burned but she does know the acid burns were from a manmade product. 
She said Phoenix will survive but he has a lot of healing to do.
He will be available for adoption in about a month.
For more information on Phoenix or other pets at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, visit
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