Animal Shelter Amends Policy To Reduce Kill Rate

Citizen Outcry, Call 6 Prompt Change

The Hendricks County Animal Shelter is making changes after the Call 6 Investigators raised questions about the shelter's 61 percent euthanasia rate.

The shelter will now be open every Saturday, as opposed to every other Saturday, as was the case previously.

The shelter will not be open on Saturdays if there's an adoption event.

This Saturday, the shelter will partner with the Hendricks County Humane Society for an adoption event.

County commissioners announced the changes after receiving dozens of emails from concerned citizens.

"Obviously, the feedback and information we've gotten from people about wanting to make changes, that spearheaded it," said Hendricks County Commissioner Eric Wathen. "We've been working on changes for the past two years."

Allies for All Animals, an animal advocacy group, has been leading the charge for change at the shelter.

"I am pleased they are making changes, and I believe this has been a long process," said Carolyn Slaughter of Allies for All Animals. "I am very appreciative of the public and the outcomes they sent to the commissioners."

Allies for All Animals had expressed concern that the animals aren't allowed outside much, if at all, but that will soon change.

Commissioner Bob Gentry donated a fence for outside the shelter.

"We're asking for donations to help that fence be installed so the animals can go outside and be walked," said Wathen.

"It's long overdue. It should have been done years ago," said Slaughter.

Wathen told RTV6 they are also going to implement a volunteer program and hire a part-time volunteer coordinator.

At a July 24 meeting, county commissioners will consider an ordinance that would allow rescue groups to adopt animals without paying a fee.

"This is what is critical, and other counties have been doing it for a year," said Slaughter.

While animal advocate groups are encouraged, they still say euthanizing more than 1,000 animals a year is unacceptable.

"My biggest concern is the euthanasia rate for Hendricks County is one of the highest, from our research around the state," said Monica Clifft of Allies for All Animals. "Any animal killed unnecessarily is a concern of mine."

Allies for All Animals will hold a fundraiser at Three Pints Brewpub in Plainfield on July 30 and July 31.

Proceeds will go toward vaccinations for animals at the shelter.

More information:: Animal Control Ordinance Amendment


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