Apartment Complex Asked To Repay $809,000 To Taxpayers

Indianapolis Housing Says Cambridge Station Apartments Crime-Riddled

An apartment complex on Indianapolis' west side has been told it must repay taxpayers more than $800,000.

Louisville, Ky.-based LDG Development owns the Cambridge Station apartments, a 500-unit complex in the 7800 block of Cimarron Trail that the Indianapolis Housing Agency contends is "the epicenter of violent crime" in its neighborhood, 6News' Rafael Sanchez reported.

"It's really not that bad. It's just people coming in bringing the violence here," said Antonio Claxton, who lives at Cambridge Station.

Cambridge Station receives taxpayer dollars to help tenants pay rent.

Public records indicated that the company allowed people to live there who weren't eligible to receive funding because someone in the apartment was convicted of crimes involving killings, drugs, vandalism and/or other crimes.

"They're really evil persons ... We have to sort them out. We have to identify them, and then we have to prosecute them," said Bud Myers, executive director of the Indianapolis Housing Agency.

IHA seeks a refund of $809,511 next week and plans to ask for another $265,991.

"We are going to be able to receive every single taxpayer dollar," Myers said.

Under federal rules, apartment owners are expected to evict anyone receiving taxpayer money if the person is charged, arrested, or convicted of a crime.

Indianapolis police responded to 815 crimes at Cambridge from 2006 through 2009.

After a fatal shooting in September, police said they have seen positive changes at the complex.The department is providing managers with arrest reports in hopes of improving the situation.

"We've seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of times officers have to respond to runs out there," said Cmdr. Lloyd Crowe. "The key is to deal with those individuals living on the property causing the most problems and providing information that they need to evict those individuals."

In response to the IHA's claim, LDG Development provided an e-mail statement:

"On Wednesday afternoon, Feb. 17th, our company received these documents from the Indiana Housing Authority. Our legal team is reviewing the information, and it is our intention to respond in a timely manner. The safety of our residents is always our top priority as we have been working diligently with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff's Department to make West Indianapolis a safer community."