IMPD launches internal investigation after tenant asked to leave pool

IMPD launches investigation into pool incident
Posted at 5:44 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 18:00:51-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A manager at the River Crossing apartment complex has been placed on leave after a renter says he was confronted and asked to leave the pool in what he believes was an incident of racial profiling. 

Shayne Holland says he lives at the River Crossing Apartments and was sitting at the pool last Friday when a woman, who was later identified as an off-duty police officer, confronted him and demanded to know where he lives. 

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Holland says he did not feel comfortable providing his exact address because the officer did not identify herself, and opted instead to show her his key fob used to gain access to the pool. He says the apartment manager eventually showed up and asked him to leave.

On Thursday, the president of Barrett & Stokely, which runs River Crossing Apartments, issued a statement in response to the claims of alleged discrimination.

“As ownership, we are deeply disturbed by the incident that occurred on our property. We do not allow discrimination of any kind and will ensure that all of our current and future staff continue to receive fair housing and implicit bias training. The manager at the time of the incident was immediately placed on administrative leave and an internal investigation began.

We have met with and personally apologized to the resident involved and will do everything within our power to prevent this from happening again. Our leadership team and staff will be meeting with residents to address any concerns they may have and additionally communicate any security needs and equally denounce any discrimination. Moving forward our management team will work closely to ensure our internal policies are upheld. We appreciate the public's support and understanding as we work together to prevent this from happening again and making sure all or our residents and their guest feel welcome."

Holland says he has filed a complaint against the off-duty officer with the Citizens' Police Complaint Office and plans on speaking to the Indiana Civil Rights Commission.

"We have talked with several concerned members of the community and will continue that dialogue for the foreseeable future," said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Jim Gillespie. "The Executive Staff has received preliminary information, before and after the video, about the circumstances and will await the findings of the internal investigation."

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