Authors Angry Publisher Never Printed Books

Indy-Based New Century Publishing Has Complaints Nationwide

Some aspiring authors are taking aim at their publisher, accusing the company of failing to print books months after they'd paid.

Dixie Richardson told 6News' Rafael Sanchez she gave Indianapolis-based New Century Publishing $1,500 to print 500 copies of a biography she wrote.

"Over months and months and months and all my calls and all my contacts resulted in run arounds and lies and delaying tactics," said Richardson, who eventually went to another publisher.

Tracy Martin said she paid New Century Publishing $3,000 to print her book, "Skin Deep," but that the job only got done after she threatened to file a complaint with the state.

"Within a week, they had my book," she said.

New Century Publishing has also garnered complaints from outside of Indiana.

Carla Jackson, a mother of 12 from North Carolina, said she paid the company more than $1,000 to print a children's book.

"I'm devastated because the company knew I wanted my mother to see the book before she passed away this year," she said.

In Wisconsin, Steve Liebl said he is waiting for the production of his fantasy fiction book after paying more than $2,400, while Walter Pyatt of Wyoming said he paid New Century Publishing $2,500 to produce his book.

6News visited the office of New Century Publishing at 1040 E. 86th St., but the door was locked with a sign asking people to call two phone numbers.

The owner of the company, David Caswell, responded to 6News' request for an interview via Facebook.

"Neither my attorney nor I are responding to media inquiries until we have more to say, but it is our hope that we will soon be able to offer the few authors who still have pending projects, the choice of their books, or receiving a full refund," he wrote.

Caswell has had problems with the state in the past.

In 2005, 6News exposed his involvement in a career services company that was misleading people about jobs. A lawsuit from the attorney general's office resulted in a judgment that Caswell make $60,000 in refunds.

In June 1990, Caswell was slapped with separate court judgment of more than $39,000.

Officials with the Attorney General's office told 6News there is no record that Caswell paid anything on the 1990 judgment. The office confirms he paid $600 on the 2008 judgment and setup a payment plan, but then defaulted on his payments.

As for the authors who said they are out time and money, they just want to be published.

"If I had known all the dirty skeletons in his closet, I would not have done business with him," Martin said.

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