Bisard Crash Victim Shares Survival Story

Kurt Weekly, Mary Mills Find Positives In Recovery

Kurt Weekly, who suffered a serious brain injury when his motorcycle was struck by Officer David Bisard eight months ago, is making strides in his recovery with the help of the other survivor of the crash.

Weekly and girlfriend Mary Mills, who is also recovering from serious injuries, spoke with 6News' Joanna Massee on Wednesday at the rehabilitation hospital where Weekly spent several months.

"When I showed up here, I had nothing," Weekly said. "When I left, I feel much better."

Weekly, a well-educated man with multiple degrees, has had to relearn everything following the Aug. 6, 2010, crash, including how to walk and talk.

"I do things wrong every day. Unfortunately, I forget things all the time," he said.

Weekly said he doesn't remember much from before the crash. But when he does, Mills said it can be hurtful.

"He'll start off happy and a memory will happen that he doesn't understand," she said. "Then the mood changes to confusion, sadness."

But the pair have stayed positive throughout Weekly's recovery. He received an award from the rehabilitation hospital Wednesday and he hopes to try to return to work next week.

Weekly said he is working to regain things he may have been considered simple before the crash.

"What I would really like to do is be able to walk when my leg is better and I'm not hurt," he said.

Mills' and Weekly's friend, Eric Wells, was killed in the crash.

Bisard faces charges of operating while under the influence causing death, a Class B felony; operating while under the influence causing death, a Class C felony; reckless homicide, a Class C felony; and four counts of operating while under the influence causing serious injury, Class C felonies.

A judge will hear arguments May 20 concerning if the alcohol-related charges should be brought against Bisard.

Prosecutors said a blood draw showed that Bisard had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19 percent two hours later, but the draw was taken at a clinic instead of a hospital, as required by state law.

A change of venue motion is also pending.