Bisard's Attorney Asks Judge To Block Blood Tests

Kautzman: Second Vial Of Blood Is Tainted, Unusable

Attorneys for Indianapolis Metro Police Officer David Bisard filed a motion on Friday asking a judge to block tests on the second vial of blood in the case.

Bisard faces a reckless homicide charge for the August 2010 accident when his police cruiser slammed into a group of motorcycles, killing one person and injuring two others.

BisardÂ’s attorney John Kautzman said he wants the blood tests blocked after IMPD admitted in April that a vial of blood stored in the IMPD property room was mishandled.

Police said the vial of blood was left unrefrigerated for months.

"There can be no valid dispute that--at least--the blood sample for the second vial (of blood) is tainted and unusable for any purpose in this case," Kautzman said.

Tests on a first vial of blood showed BisardÂ’s blood alcohol level to be above the legal limit of 0.08 percent, but the test was dismissed because the blood draw did not follow police protocol.

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