Brizzi To Repay Nearly $200K In Durham Contributions

Tim Durham Accused Of Running Ponzi Scheme

Former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi and his campaign have agreed to return nearly $200,000 they received from Brizzi's friend, indicted businessman Timothy Durham.

According to court documents, the bankruptcy trustee for Durham's failed Fair Finance business said he has already received $170,811 from Brizzi for Prosecutor and $15,000 from Brizzi personally.

Brizzi also agreed to pay another $10,000 in monthly installments, for a total of $25,000, documents show.

The trustee said the money given to Brizzi for Prosecutor was fraudulently transferred by Durham, his company, Obsidian Enterprises, the parent company of Fair Finance, DC Investments LLC, as well as a number of officers and directors of those companies.

Brizzi disagrees in court documents but agreed to settle the issue.

"It's time for that chapter to close," Brizzi told RTV6 by text Tuesday.

Durham faces criminal charges, accused of using Fair Finance as what federal prosecutors described as a Ponzi scheme.

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