Broad Ripple Parking Garage Gets Green Light

Structure Will House Retail, 350 Spaces

A parking garage proposal that drew criticism from some in Broad Ripple was given the green light by the city Tuesday.

The three-story structure will house retail and provide 350 parking spaces at the corner of College and Broad Ripple avenues.

Critics of the $15 million project questioned why taxpayers are footing $6.4 million of the bill.

"We've seen no publicly disclosed economic analysis and justification to support $6.3 million," said opponent Terry Sanderson."

Others argued that the garage just didn't fit.

"If I might generalize, it's a size 10 foot in a size 8 shoe. It's too much use for the available property," said opponent Clark Kahlo.

The 1.2-acre lot sits next to the Broad Ripple Animal Clinic. It doesn't oppose the garage, but takes issue with a proposed bank sharing a drive-thru by this alley.

"If you don't have a bank lined up, why don't you just forget the drive-thru?" asked attorney Steve Meers.

Tom Healey, a member of the Broad Ripple Village Association, took issue with the drive thru as well, but he accepted the proposal as long as some safety concerns, including wider sidewalks and congestion, were addressed.

"We want this to be more than just a car barn," he said.

Other area neighborhood associations have stood behind the project in hopes it will help quell ongoing parking issues.

"We are in favor of it because we feel it will alleviate crowding we've had around our homes and west of College (Avenue)," said Will Carlson with the Warfleigh Neighborhood Association.

The Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals voted unanimously in favor of the garage.

Construction could begin as early as next summer.

"We're happy," said Joe Calderon, attorney for developer Keystone Construction. "We worked hard to earn the city staff support and this recommendation I think certainly helped the board feel comfortable."

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