Business Again Accused Of Selling Sick Puppy

A Cloverdale-area business that signed a settlement with the state attorney general's office after being accused of selling sick animals now faces a similar allegation.

A Shelbyville teenager said a puppy she bought in late June from Kritter Heaven was euthanized eight days later because it was ill. The teen's family said it spent nearly $1,000 in veterinarian bills while it owned the dog.

The family said Kritter Heaven had indicated that a veterinarian checked the dog just 11 days before the sale.

The business, owned by Tammy Gilchrist, was the subject of 14 complaints that had been filed with the attorney general's office. Some of the complainants reported receiving sick puppies.

The business makes sales on the Internet and has called itself other names, such as AKA Kennel,, TEKS Kennel and Affordable Pups, Call 6 for Help's Rafael Sanchez reported.

In a settlement signed in March, the business told the attorney general's office that it would be honest about the health and age of the puppies it was selling.

Paul Watts, an attorney for the business, said the business doesn't believe the dog was sick when it left Cloverdale. Three other dogs in the same litter are not sick, he said.

Watts said the business was willing to provide another dog but was not given a chance to do so.

The attorney general's office said it was aware of the Shelbyville teen's allegation, but it declined to comment further.

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