Butler Greens Pharmacy Building Roof

Plants Installed On Building's Roof

A new garden on Butler University's campus is taking shape in a unique place.

Students and volunteers helped assemble a green roof Thursday on the top of the Pharmacy Building.

The 1,300-square-foot vegetated roof is made up of 640 trays of sedum, a hardy ground cover, that will soak up much of the rainwater that would otherwise run off the building.

"The greatest thing about sedum is its very durable and low maintenance. I think it's a mix of evergreen and flowering plants that require very little if any additional watering," said Rich Michal, an engineer at Butler.

Green roofs also provide insulation, create a habitat for wildlife and help lower urban air temperatures.

Butler's green roof will be a topic of future student research and will serve as a pilot study to assess the benefits for the possibility of installation on other campus buildings.

The roughly $25,000 project was funded through the Student Government Association.

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