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.required{color: #ff0000;} Thank you for your interest in Call 6 for Help. Because we receive so many calls for help, it may take a while to get back to you. We will try to answer your complaint as soon as we can. Please be patient.

If we are able to look into your situation, please be prepared to send copies of any documentation to have to back up your claim. We cannot be responsible for original documents.

Call 6 cannot help with all problems. We deal primarily with consumer issues, usually involving, but not limited to, the purchase of goods and services by individuals. Except in extraordinary cases, we do not handle child custody cases, divorce disputes, criminal cases, legal or medical malpractice situations or civil rights violations. We can however refer you to an agency that might be better able to help.

We are not attorneys, and therefore we do not offer legal advice.

We will not publish or broadcast the information you provide in this form, unless you give your approval. We respect your right to privacy. The following information will help us to serve you more efficiently and effectively. We do not sell your contact information for any purpose.

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