Beware of phone scam demanding payment on bad checks

INDIANAPOLIS - The Call 6 Investigators are looking into a scam where a caller demands money that you may not actually owe.

The calls are apparently coming from Texas. The company is demanding that people pay up on a bad check.

Paul Whybrew said he was unwilling to be taken for a ride when he got a call from the company seeking payment for an unknown debt.

The caller said her name was Emily Wescott with the Fraud and Law Enforcement Check Division. She threatened that failing to return the call meant he would be giving up all his rights.

"I think it’s very unfortunate and very disturbing that someone would try to take advantage of other people by trying to deceive them and make them think that they actually committed a crime or did something wrong," Whybrew said.

There are a number of online complaints about the business. In a couple of cases, people were even threatened with criminal charges and arrest.

A legitimate collector would send a demand letter in writing and you would have 30 days to ask for more information or appeal that bill.

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