CALL 6: Dumped medical records undergo review

Files could be traced to Carmel doctor's office
Posted at 4:35 PM, Jun 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 19:39:25-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana Attorney General’s office began reviewing medical records dumped last week in recycling bins in Broad Ripple Park.

A spokesperson for the state consumer protection division says they are looking at files in three separate boxes. Information on the documents indicate come of them belonged to a Dr. Thomas James Moore. Moore had a practice in Carmel until 2009. It’s unclear how his records ended up in a public recycling bin in Indianapolis.

CALL 6 | Indiana AG's Office investigating dumped medical records

The attorney general’s office currently has 24 open abandoned records cases. They are not limited to health care providers and also include records recovered from professionals who receive a state issued license like accountants and real estate agents.

You can check the state database by clicking on this link:

If your provider is on the list you will need to file a written request to see if your records are being held by the state.

You can get an Abandoned Records Request Form by calling 1-800-382-5516.