CALL 6: Fed up with car break-ins, neighbors start neighborhood watch

Posted at 5:53 PM, May 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-25 21:22:17-04

INDIANAPOLIS --  People who live along Kessler Boulevard North on Indy’s west side say they’re fed up with thieves breaking into their cars.

Crystal Caston and her husband arrived home from the casino to find her husband's window smashed one evening.

“I was really upset because this is the second time it’s happened,” said Caston. “For somebody to just come into our yard and just break into our cars, my husband has to pay for the window, so it was very upsetting.”

The suspects didn’t take anything from Caston’s vehicle, but she got on Nextdoor and found dozens of neighbors who said their vehicles were also broken into.

Gara Schommer’s vehicle was broken into and the thieves took a Canon camera and a full memory card.

Tracy Cottongim also lives along Kessler Boulevard North and said someone went through her car on two consecutive nights.

“I leave nothing in my car of value, so I leave the doors unlocked so no one tries to break out a window and causes me to clean that up,” said Cottongim. "It seemed odd to me that it was two nights in a row."

Caston wants to stop the car break-ins from happening in her neighborhood, so working with other neighbors to form a neighborhood watch. 

“I feel like if we just sit back and nobody does anything it's going to keep happening and it may get worse," said Caston. "I feel like if they're that bold to come into our yard, they may do something else."

IMPD Officer James Gillespie told Call 6 Investigates they’re not aware of a trend in that area, but as the temperatures rise, property crime has a tendency to go up.

“Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle, keep your doors locked, exterior lighting is always a good investment, and surveillance cameras are excellent,” said Gillespie. “Most important, form strong relationships with your neighbors and beat officer. Encourage one another to look out for suspicious persons or vehicles.”

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