CALL 6: Indiana Department of Revenue responds to tax refund delay accusations

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana Department of Revenue is responding to accusations they’re delaying tax refunds to Hoosiers.

“It would be GREAT if you would explain why refunds are taking more than 8 weeks,” said Lisa Holler, a tax preparer in New Haven, in a Facebook post. “I'm getting 6-8 calls A DAY wondering where their refunds are.”

Call 6 Investigates found similar complaints, so we reached out to the Indiana Department of Revenue for an explanation.

Azalea De Ford, Deputy Chief of Staff for the IDOR, said most Hoosiers are receiving their refunds quicker due to e-filing.

However, when you file your return on paper, it typically takes eight weeks to process.

De Ford said several things can affect processing time, such as: 

  • Math errors
  • Claiming more deductions and/or credits than an individual is entitled to
  • Forgetting to attach required documentation, such as wage statements (W-2, WH-18, 1099, etc.) or form schedules; and/or
  • Being selected to complete the identity confirmation quiz

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So far in 2017, the Department of Revenue has sent 207,724 letters to Hoosier taxpayers in 2017 asking them to confirm their identity.

“Of the 2.3 million individual tax returns that have been received thus far, that amounts to less than 10% of Hoosiers filing tax returns being asked to confirm identifying information,” said De Ford. “The security measures implemented by DOR are designed to protect Hoosiers and the state from identity theft and identity fraud. Being asked to complete the identity confirmation quiz or provide additional information does not mean DOR suspects the taxpayer of wrongdoing; it is simply an additional check in DOR’s overall fraud prevention program.”

De Ford said the program, launched as a pilot in 2014, saves taxpayers millions of dollars a year by preventing fraudulent refunds from being issued.

You can check the status of your tax refund by calling (317) 233-4018 or by visiting their website.

If you have a problem with your refund, call (317) 232-2240 to speak with a DOR tax analyst. 

You can also contact the Office of Taxpayer Advocate at (317) 232-4692 or

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