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CALL 6: Richmond school shooter got guns from gun cabinet in his home

Posted: 7:37 AM, Jan 07, 2019
Updated: 2019-01-07 09:20:32-05
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RICHMOND — While the police investigation into the Richmond school shooting is still on-going, one of the big questions still out there is how did the 14-year-old teen get his hands on high-powered weapons on the day of the shooting.

Call 6 Investigates has learned from multiple sources with knowledge of the investigation that detectives believe the boy got those guns from a cabinet in his home.

The teen was armed with a .45-caliber handgun and a .223-caliber rifle with a scope attached on the day of the shooting, sources told Call 6 in the days after the shooting.

According to those sources, the guns were inside the glass gun cabinet in the home. The cabinet had been locked, but investigators found the glass broken on the day of the shooting.

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After the boy had taken the guns, his mother called police and told them he had taken a family member hostage and forced them to drive him to his former middle school, Dennis Intermediate School, sources told Call 6 after the shooting. The drive to the school was just a little more than a mile.

Sources told Call 6 in December, they also found explosive devices inside the vehicle and investigators believed the boy was trying to take those devices inside the school, but because police arrived so quickly, he couldn’t gather them.

Once inside the school, the boy started shooting at officers before eventually turning the gun on himself, police say.

Investigators are still going through evidence, including the 14-year-old's digital footprint.

Federal sources confirm to Call 6 there have been a number of leads that have come from devices the boy had access to. Those sources say there is still work to be done to investigate the leads found on the devices.

Students at Dennis Intermediate School return to the school on Monday with new security measures in place.

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The district announced on social media that starting Monday, January 7, all schools will be using the "Raptor Visitor Management System" to know who's in the buildings at all times. It's a system used by other school districts in Central Indiana.

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