CALL 6: State stops sales at Circle City Auto Connection

Posted at 7:16 PM, May 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-16 19:16:41-04

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Secretary of State’s Office revoked the license Tuesday for Circle City Auto Connection years after Call 6 Investigates started raising questions about the company’s business practices.

The west side car, at 6502 West Washington Street, can no longer sell vehicles to consumers, but they can get rid of their inventory such as at an auction, according to Valerie Warycha, communications director at the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office.

The state action comes after the owner of Circle City Auto Connection, Amy Lair, pleaded guilty to two counts of failure to remit taxes held in trust.

Lair has to pay $161,801 in restitution to the state of Indiana, records show.

The Secretary of State’s office can take action against dealers if the person violates state or federal law relating to the sale, distribution, financing or insuring of motor vehicles.

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The state’s order says Lair can appeal the license revocation by submitting a request for a hearing within 30 days.

The dealership must return all dealer plates to the state within 30 days or pay a $500 fine.

In 2015, Call 6 Investigates took a hidden camera onto Circle City's Washington Street lot.

A worker denied a Dodge Charger had been in a wreck, but records showed two crashes both involving moderate to severe damage.

The Indiana Attorney General’s office is currently suing Circle City Auto Exchange (now known as Empire Auto), Circle City Auto Connection and its owners for unfair business practices.

The lawsuit alleges the dealership charged unfair prices, offered useless warranties, and sold cars to consumers without disclosing the vehicle’s “total loss” status.

The case goes to trial in February 2018, records show.

Lair is named as a defendant in that lawsuit.

Call 6 Investigates is reaching out to Lair’s attorney for comment on the state’s license revocation.