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Company delivers Indy family's belongings to Florida months late

Posted at 9:42 AM, Nov 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-17 12:46:21-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis couple that moved to Florida expected to wait a couple weeks for all their furniture and belongings to arrive. Instead, they had to wait more than two months.

Montez and Kimberly Anderson hired the Trans United Movers, a company based out of Florida, to move their family to Jacksonville.

The company's truck left their Indianapolis house on July 24. Per the contract, the latest possible delivery date would be in early August.

"I loved my life in Indiana," Montez said. "We were making decent money. We wanted to move to Florida and go out and preach more." 

Instead of preaching, the couple spent their time pleading for help. Their apartment was bare. They had to get back-up furniture to keep themselves and kids from sleeping on the floor during the wait.

The truck finally arrived in Jacksonville on Oct. 9, more than two months after it left Indianapolis. To make things worse, some of their furnishings were damaged in the transit. 

Trans United Movers told Call 6 Investigates that the Anderson's items were headed west, not south. The family said they were told Chicago. 

To explain the delay, the company said the couple had not hired them to make a "straight delivery." The company said the family's belongings were loaded with other people's stuff, and the truck would make stops along the route. 

"It's been a total nightmare," Kimberly said. 

The total cost of the move was $2,400. Upon delivery, the Andersons would owe $983.12. 

"The service has been awful," Kimberly said. "We owe them $983.12 for delivery -- I would not like to pay that for lack of service."

The family is filing a lawsuit to get the money for the broken belongings. 

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If you are moving across state lines, federal regulations require you get a copy of a booklet entitled "Your Rights and Responsibilities When you Move" and a copy of the "Ready to Move" brochure from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They handle interstate complaints and enforcement.

The Indiana Department of Revenue has the power to handle moving complaints done within the 92 counties.

You can file your complaint by calling 1-800-382-5516. Since 2016, the state’s Consumer Protection Division processed 94 complaints. The top three complaints include property damage, overcharges, and unsatisfactory service.  

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