DNR hits the water to look for drunk drivers

Conservation officers with the Department of Natural Resources are boosting patrols in an effort to keep the waters safe this 4th of July, Call 6 investigator Kara Kenney reported.
"If there’s more boaters on the water, we’ll have more officers on the water,” said Jet Quillen, DNR conservation officer. “Today is one of the biggest boating days of the year.  Anytime you get holidays, you’re gonna have increased traffic.”
While out with RTV6 on Geist Lake, the DNR conducted an investigation into a man allegedly operating a jet ski while intoxicated.
They put the man in handcuffs and took him into custody after performing field sobriety tests.
"We’re looking for any unsafe operation, any signs of impairment, life jackets, registration violations,” said Quillen. “With all the boats out, we can’t deal with everything, so we’re definitely concentrating on boaters operating dangerously.”
Quillen said the lake was busier earlier than usual, even for a holiday.
“We have seen a lot of alcohol being consumed, that just makes us assume that later it could become an issue,” said Quillen.
Officers plan to be out on the water until 3 a.m., and their enforcement includes bodies of water across the state of Indiana.
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