CALL 6: Floating feces ends in emergency order

Posted at 5:32 PM, Nov 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-02 20:17:31-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Marion County Public Health Department has issued an emergency order to a south side apartment complex for a broken sewer line.

A renter contacted Call 6 Investigates Wednesday after she noticed a “flood” of sewage outside her apartment building in Bradford Lake apartments on Portage Court.

She said she contacted the rental office around noon on Tuesday about the problem, but the problem has still not been fixed.

“The kids are out there all the time playing,” said the renter.  “I’m worried about them tracking through there and then bringing all of it inside.”

The renter said other areas of the apartment complex have also experienced sewage overflow, including pieces of feces on the ground.

Call 6 Investigates immediately contacted the Marion County Public Health Department and Citizens Energy, who both sent out personnel to inspect the situation.

The health department issued a 24 hour emergency order to the apartment property manager for the sewage, according to MCPHD spokesperson Curt Brantingham.

The problem must be fixed within 24 hours in order to be in compliance.

“The property owner must make the necessary repairs so that the sewer line is in proper working condition,” said Brantingham. “They must also clean up the sewage that is on the ground.”

The health department will re-inspect the area tomorrow afternoon.

“Failure to properly address the issue could result in the matter being filed for court,” said Brantingham.

A crew from Citizens Energy Group came out and found their sanitary sewers are flowing properly.

“The backup you see on the ground is the result of a blockage in the sewer lateral owned by the apartment complex,” said Dan Considine, spokesperson for Citizens Energy. “We are in the process of notifying the apartment complex owner so they can make arrangements to hire a repair crew.”

Call 6 Investigates stopped by the apartment management office.

A property manager who identified himself as Daniel told RTV6 they received the order and are in the process of getting the raw sewage problem fixed.

The property manager said the problem happens when there’s a backup in the line.

When Call 6 Investigates stopped by there was no tape or indication to the residents that raw sewage was present.

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