Meth test not currently part of home inspection process in Indiana

Morgan Co. couple stuck w/ meth home

INDIANAPOLIS - A Morgan County couple was shocked to find that their home was contaminated with meth. Their three children became sick and their dog suddenly died of cancer, so they decided to try a home test that ended up changing their lives.

The couple's home had been fully inspected by a professional company, but a meth test is not currently part of the home inspection process in Indiana. 

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Meth is difficult to detect by sight or smell, but it is so toxic that the cleanup can cost up to $10,000.

A state-certified company called Crisis Cleaning uses test squares in areas where the meth gas can’t be washed away with a detergent or other substance on areas like the wall, carpet or air vents.

The testers will use a cloth to swipe horizontally and vertically in the square. Workers then take the cloth, put it in a tube and mail it away for the results.

"The only thing that surprises me is that some people assume it’s the low-income or the hoarder-type houses, but we are finding it is in high-dollar houses. We are getting ready to do a house that is probably a $500,000 house. It is really beautiful and you would never imagine that somebody living in a house like that would do meth," said Donetta Held, president of Crisis Cleaning.

A do-it-yourself meth test kit costs about $49 and a professional could charge as much as $150.

In Indiana, when a home is deemed meth-contaminated, the carpeting and the padding must be removed.

State police will launch a registry that lists all homes and vehicles in Indiana that have been contaminated with meth. The database is expected to launch July 1.

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