Nightclub license renewal rejected by liquor board

Police concerned about crime, strippers

INDIANAPOLIS - Half-naked strippers may draw a crowd, but county regulators are not impressed and a west-side club seeking to renew its liquor license may end up losing it instead.

It is against the law to share a liquor permit. Indianapolis officials are cracking down on nightclub owners who rent out their liquor license to promoters seeking to host events or parties. 

The Marion County Liquor Board has recommended that El Vulcan, located in the 2700 block of Washington Street, not be allowed to serve alcohol for misusing its liquor permit.

Owner Luis Perez was accused of allowing an event with strippers, even though his establishment is not zoned for adult entertainment.

Police also raised concerns about the number of problems they have responded to at these locations.

"The people there promoting these events are not qualified for the liquor license so it is holding the owners accountable," said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Bill Carter.

El Vulcan is appealing the non-renewal of its liquor license to the State.

In the past year, several city clubs have been shut down for either license misuse or failing to collect state taxes.

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