Passenger: Uber driver 'literally about to murder me'

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis woman says she feared for her life when an Uber ride turned into a vicious attack.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said her driver attacked her Nov. 7 after she and two friends called for a ride in Broad Ripple.

In a report filed with IMPD, the woman said they were late getting out to the car, and then changed the drop-off location from the woman's apartment to a grocery store across the street.

The ride did not end well, she said.

"I ended up getting hit in the face," said the woman.

Like cab drivers, Uber drivers transport people here and there. They do not, however, face the same regulations, even though they provide a similar service.

In Indianapolis, the city licenses taxi companies and drivers, and requires vehicles pass inspections.

"We have expectations for that industry that we help them meet for us safety and customer satisfaction," said Dimitri Kyser. 

Uber is exempt from city rules because it’s considered a transportation network company also known as a “TNC.” Instead, Uber is regulated by the Indiana Department of Revenue.

The agency through, its permit process, requires a number of key things, including disclosure of fares, specific level of insurance coverage and zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol.

But when it comes to holding drivers accountable, state law is vague.

Drivers for a TNC like Uber are not state licensed, their vehicles are not state inspected and there is no requirement for vehicles to display where or how you can file a complaint.

"There is no formal complaint process with the Department of Revenue. If we received a complaint we would refer it to the office of the Attorney General," said Department of Revenue Commissioner Andrew Kossack.

He also said the agency is always monitoring how things are playing out and if it becomes necessary they would address any future changes with the legislature

“We review any concerns people have and make recommendations as appropriate,” added Kossack.

On October 30th, Johnathan Keller had a horrible experience.

Keller is a severe asthmatic.

On his way home, he complained about the cigarette smell to his Uber driver.

"It was the most erratic situation of my life," Keller said.

When asked if he was afraid for his life, Keller told Call 6 Investigates, “I was afraid.”

Keller was dressed in a bright yellow Pokemon costume for a Halloween event, when he says his driver threatened to kill him outside of his home.

"Like he was going PTSD crazy, literally about to murder me," Keller said. "I did not expect that."

Keller also called metro police. They expressed a concern for the mental health of the driver.

He's waiting for a response from Uber.

The woman who was hit says Uber told her that her driver was suspended.

Both drivers have yet to respond to RTV6.

If your personal safety is at risk, call police at 911 and file a report.

You may also want to consider using Uber's anonymous feedback on your smart phone to truly rate the driver.  The company website says that feedback matters.

Another option is the website

On the left hand side of the web page you'll see the tab which reads file a complaint.

You can send your concerns to the consumer protection division of the state’s Attorney General’s office.


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