Reward offered to stop security sales scams

A national security company is offering a $25,000 reward for proof of a company training its sales teams to be deceitful, Call 6 Investigator Kara Kenney reported.

ADT Security Services said they are seeing a growing problem of scammers telling customers that "ADT has gone out of business" or they’re there to "upgrade the equipment."

Sometimes the scammers claim they are affiliated with alarm panel manufacturers, company officials said.

"ADT’s trusted brand is being exploited by swindlers and scammers who mislead unsuspecting consumers," said David Bleisch, ADT General Counsel. "Victims end up having their ADT security systems unnecessarily replaced and are duped into signing new contracts with another provider."

The Indiana Attorney General’s office issued an alert earlier this year warning consumers of high pressure or deceptive sales tactics including calls and door-to-door solicitors offering home security or alarm systems.

More than 150 consumers have filed complaints with the office after receiving unwanted calls, including robocalls offering home security systems.

The AG’s office tracked some of the illegal out-of-state calls to Justin Ramsey, owner of Loyal Marketing, LLC.

A Hamilton County Superior Court judge awarded the state a default judgment against Ramsey which included $4.375 million in civil penalties after the defendant failed to respond, according to the AG’s office.

ADT has video evidence from one company’s training session showing representatives being taught to lie during sales presentations at customer homes.

The company refused to release the video to Kenney, so it’s unclear which company it is.

Last year, ADT recovered more than $4 million from companies as a result of lawsuits and ADT said it will continue filing lawsuits against companies who deceive its customers.

The AG’s office said consumers should be wary of scare tactics in which a solicitor mentions a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood.         

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