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TIMELINE: The murder of Dr. Kevin Rodgers

Posted at 11:58 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 23:58:17-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- On Friday, prosecutors formally charged 18-year-old Ka'Ron Bickham-Hurst with the murder of Dr. Kevin Rodgers last month.

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Below, reconstructed from the probable cause affidavit in the case, find the timeline of events on the day of Rodgers' murder as stated by IMPD detectives:

November 20

9:28 AM – Surveillance video from Eagle Creek Elementary, located at 6905 West 46th St., puts Ka’Ron Bickham-Hurst’s vehicle near the scene of a burglary on the 7000 block of Harrier Circle not far from Doctor Rodgers’ home.

9:55 AM – Surveillance video from Eagle Creek Elementary School and  Pike Township Station #65. located at 7221 West 46th St., shows Bickham-Hurst’s vehicle heading towards Dr. Rodgers’ neighborhood

10:01 AM – A residential camera on Ballinshire Drive shows Bickham-Hurst’s vehicle in the neighborhood.

10:07 AM – Dr. Rodgers calls his wife to ask if the guys are working on gutters on their home. They were not scheduled that day.

10:09 AM – A neighbor calls 911 reporting seeing four young adult males near the Rodgers home, a suspicious vehicle and the males running through the neighborhood before jumping into said vehicle

10:14 AM – A surveillance camera at Eagle Creek Animal Clinic located at 7307 West 38th St. spots the vehicle heading to the gas station, where a detective would also locate it.

10:20 AM – An IMPD detective investigating other burglaries watches Bickham-Hurst’s vehicle, a 2002 gold Chevy Impala, at the Phillips 66 gas station at 4060 North High School Road (surveillance video obtained from gas station).

11:15 AM – The detective spots Bickham-Hurst’s vehicle at the Village Pantry at 56th Street and Guion Road

11:59 AM – Detectives become aware of the murder of Dr. Rodgers on Ballinshire South Drive and, based on previous burglaries, they believe their suspects are in Bickham-Hurst’s vehicle

12:54 AM – Police make a traffic stop of a 2006  black Dodge Charger. Juveniles inside are released and the vehicle is not searched.

2:59 PM – Bickham-Hurst is pulled over in his vehicle for an expired temporary plate, and as a suspect connected to several burglaries in which items were pawned. Police take him in for questioning.

5:37 PM – Juveniles Bickham-Hurst talked about during his questioning are pulled over in the 2006 black Dodge Charger again. The Charger is towed and the juveniles are taken in for questioning, then released.

November 21 

Search warrant served on the 2006 Dodge Charger, in which four Cathedral High School rings with the name “Rodgers” engraved are found, along with a laptop reported stolen in a previous burglary.

Search warrant served on the 2002 Gold Chevy Impala. Police find stolen items from other burglaries, including an Xbox.

December 14

IMPD announces it has arrested Bickham-Hurst and a 17-year-old juvenile suspect on preliminary charges of murder and burglary in connection with Rodgers’ death.

December 15

The Marion County Crime Lab receives a positive DNA identification for the juvenile suspect from swabs taken from the front door of Rodgers’ home and on his Cathedral championship rings.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office files a probable cause affidavit charging Bickham-Hurst with one count of murder and two counts of burglary in connection with Rodgers’ death, in addition to four counts of theft in connection with unrelated incidents.


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