Carmel Assault Charges Could Come From Outside County

Hendricks County Prosecutor Joins Carmel High School Investigation

Charges in connection with an alleged attack involving basketball players aboard a Carmel High School bus could be filed outside of Hamilton County.

Police said they drove the route and believe the incident took place in Hendricks County as the bus returned from a boy's basketball game in Terre Haute on the night of Jan. 22, 6News' Joanna Massee reported.

That could change the jurisdiction in which any potential charges are filed in the case, which school officials previously said involved two freshmen being hazed by three seniors.


  • Police Report: Jan. 22 Incident
  • "We have not made a final determination with reference to any charges that might be filed. We are still reviewing all of that, and I am including the Hendricks County prosecutor in that review," said Hamilton County Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp in reference to Hendricks County Prosecutor Patricia Baldwin.

    Investigators previously said that charges of battery, criminal confinement and criminal deviate conduct may be considered in the incident.

    Police were investigating the bus incident when they said a 17-year-old student came forward and said he had been sexually assaulted in a locker room at Carmel High School on Jan. 8.

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    The police report classifies the incident as an attempted sexual assault, and lists criminal deviate conduct, sexual battery and criminal confinement as charges that could be filed in the case.

    The school will only say that four senior basketball players have been suspended -- three in connection with the Jan. 22 incident and the fourth for an undisclosed reason.

    Leerkamp said she is consulting the victims in both incidents and their families as she makes decisions regarding the cases.

    "It is very difficult for the kids to (come forward). I think most of the time we get most of the input from the parents, but certainly anyone involved in this situation is certainly old enough to give their own perspective," she said.

    Leerkamp said it is unlikely that any charging decisions in either case would be made within the next several days.

    She said if charges are filed in the bus incident, they could come from her office, the Hendricks County Prosecutor's Office or go before a grand jury in either county.

    Baldwin did not return calls for comment on Wednesday.