Cascade Prank Protesters Allowed To Return To School

Seniors Suspended After Decorating School With 12,000 Sticky Notes

The nearly 60 students suspended from a Hendricks County high school for protesting administrators' handling of a senior prank will be allowed to return to school on Thursday.

Five seniors and one junior at Cascade High School in Clayton were suspended for two days after they posted about 12,000 sticky notes in decorative displays in the school's hallways, windows and floors Monday night.

Superintendent Patrick Spray recommended that a custodian who supervised the students during the prank be fired, although students said it was a board member and parent of one of the suspended students who let them in the building.

"If I were in charge, I would have the seniors clean it up and move on," said senior Anthony Canaday, one of the six students originally suspended. "It was cleaned up the morning of."

Students who were upset with the schools' handling of the incident staged a sit-in protest in the school's gymnasium Wednesday morning, and the protest seemed to gain steam throughout the day.

"We don't think it is right," said student Chancy Anderson. "They had no reason to suspend the six students and they shouldn't have fired the janitor. It's not right, in my mind."

School officials allowed Wednesday's protest to continue for an hour, but then began suspending students who refused to return to class.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Mill Creek Community School Corporation officials issued a statement lifting the suspension for the seniors and the protestors.

“The (six students) will begin their work when they return to school on May 17. Students who were suspended (Wednesday) for participating in a school disturbance may return to school (Thursday) in an alternative program in the performing arts center at Cascade High School,” the statement read.

Suspended student Kyle Trent said many of the students believed the suspensions were still intact.

"They gave us a choice. If we go in (Thursday), we will be sat down and talked to, but our suspensions won't be lifted. If we stay (outside the school), our suspension won't be lifted, so I figure we just stay over here," Trent said.

The custodian's dismissal is pending approval from the school board. A meeting was set for June 13.

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