Casino Guests Angry After Search

Men Searched After Bartender Suspected Counterfeit Bill

Two Indianapolis men claimed they were searched and detained for no reason at a Shelbyville casino Sunday after a bartender suspected they tried to pass off a counterfeit bill.

Barry Byrum and Trent Spaulding told 6News' Jack Rinehart they were at the Indiana Live! casino Sunday when they tried to pay for drinks using a $20 bill.

The men said the bartender told them he thought the bill was counterfeit and refused to accept it. That's when casino security got involved.

"The security's walking up, didn't say who they were or anything. They just walked up to me and said, 'You got to come with me,'" Byrum said. "And I asked him what was going on, what did I do? And he said, 'We'll get into that later.'"

During the next 45 minutes, the men said they were held, searched and told they might be arrested.

The men said they thought the search was inappropriate.

"They made us empty our pockets. Then they did a complete pat down, [including] our crotch area," Byrum said.

After that, the men said they were told that the state police had run the bill's serial number and that it was in fact legal.

"At that point, the officers apologized to us for the inconvenience [and said] that everything was clear on our record," Spaulding said. "As we were walking back in the casino, one of the officers pulled me aside and said, 'You definitely need to file a complaint against the casino because that was uncalled for.'"

An attorney for the casino sent 6News a statement Thursday afternoon stating that no misconduct occurred during the search of Byrum and Spaulding.

"There is no evidence to suggest that the two Indiana Live! Casino security guards involved acted in a manner inconsistent with prescribed security protocols," attorney Scott Dillion wrote. "Moreover, there is no evidence to suggest that Indiana Gaming Commission agents acted inappropriately."

6News placed two calls to the head of the law enforcement division of the Indiana Gaming Commission seeking comment, but those calls had not been returned.

The two men said that they will not be going back to Indiana Live!, no matter what happens with their complaint.

"Talk about embarrassment, you know. It was just uncalled for," Byrum said. "I will never go back there, whatever settlement I get. I will never go back there."